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Self Worth Quotes:

Self worth quotes

1. Strength, courage, determination and beautiful life that starts with you.

2. You can't help anyone until you help yourself.

3. When you make you strong that strength will spill over to everyone else. they will be inspired by you and they will follow your example.

4. Some say to focus on yourself is selfish. I say to settle for a mediocre life that you hate that selfish.

6. You owe it to yourself to be the kind of person you want to be.

7. Your biggest strength in life will be the perception that you have over yourself.

8. Confidence is the greatest asset you could ever have and that is built based on experience.

9. You will never be a millionaire unless you really value your time.

9.  It's impossible to achieve your goals and reach your maximum potential if you continue to try
and be what society says.

10. Don't ever try to find validation and others find it in yourself.

11. You only need people around you who are helping you to grow.

12. Sometimes you just have to cut people off out of your life not because you don't love them but because loving them stops you from loving you.

13. Love yourself enough to let it go worried about loving you instead of loving the idea of other people loving you. John Spence

14. The choice is yours, will you continue to try and live up to society's standards? or you love yourself so much to the point that your energy rejects anyone who doesn't know your worth.

15. As you begin to develop and expand your skills and your talents and your vision of yourself.
You will always be in control of your destiny.

16. You have skills and abilities, but if you don't nurture them if you don't develop them they will never serve you.

17. All of us need some area of our lives where we can have a feeling of competence.

18. You need to tell you that you owe you something.

19. If you can get through to doing things that you hate to do on the other side is greatness. That's what people don't understand.

22. When you say that you love yourself that means that you have behaviour towards yourself that is loving.

24. You cannot win the war against the world if you can't win the war against your own mind.

29. Life doesn't give you what you want. it gives you what you deserve.

30. When pain comes, that means it's time to show character.

32. Don't you give up on life because once your life is over you can't come back.

33. Greatness will cost you something, not somebody else.

34. You just need to make a choice a choice that you're gonna stop being bitter.

35. Nothing will be different Until I think differently. Nothing will be different until we think differently.

36. As long as you believe in got the right got the right attitude, you can have whatever you like.

37. Separate what you do from who you are. That's what the guilt trap is all about.

38. You can always better your best. You can always go beyond anything that you have ever done.

39. You've got a choice where you spend every minute of your day. No one decides that But you!

40. If you accept yourself as you see yourself beyond yours fears, you don't accept yourself as a victim .. you begin to see that you are more important than any fear that you're more powerful than any fear that you have.

41. people and situations will come and go in life, but the person in the mirror will be there forever. so be good and loving to yourself.

42. Some people are only meant to pass our life path to teach us something.

43.  Do not let misery control the life that you have.
       Do not let anyone tell you how to live it.
       Do not let anyone validate your purpose.
       Do not let anyone validate your destiny.

44. We don't get what we ask for. We get what we ask and work for.

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